The potbox is the interface between the throttle pedal and the speed controller. It sends a variable resistance signal to the controller to specify the amount of electricity to be released to the motor.

The Curtis model #PB-6 is a two-wire potbox designed to work with the Curtis controllers on AC and DC vehicles. The Curtis model #PB-8 is a three-wire potbox, and is used with the Azure Dynamics DMOC445 controllers on AC vehicles.

These potboxes features

  • Sturdy case for solid mounting
  • Lever arm drilled for various throw distances on cable
  • Easy installation
  • Microswitch for safety functions:
    • Deadman switch emergency disconnect (on DC systems)
    • High pedal lockout to prevent unintentional acceleration

Specifications (PB-6 & PB-8)

3.75"4"1.875"10 ozs.0 - 5 kohms