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EVs For Real Life

Electro Automotive was founded in 1979 to fill a need in the conversion market: a single source for quality conversion components. Founder Michael Brown brought to Electro Automotive years of hands-on professional experience in the automotive industry, including dealership training, and working with both ordinary family cars and race cars. No other electric car company has this depth of automotive experience. No one else has been building electric cars as long.

Based on this background, at Electro Automotive we believe an electric vehicle (EV) should be:

We believe in electric vehicles built to live in the real world.

Electro Automotive differs from other suppliers in another respect. Our advice isn't based solely on calculations, computer projections, or laboratory tests. It's based on real life experience. We actually drive our product, on a daily basis, in severe duty conditions.

For the history of Electro Automotive, click here.

Please take your time exploring our site. We believe our mission is as much to offer information and education as it is to supply components, all of it firmly grounded in practicality and reality.

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