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Shipping Your Transmission


Contact us for the correct shipping address. At this time, we can also confirm that your transmission is appropriate BEFORE you go to the trouble of shipping it.


Before disassembly, be sure you have taken the "magic distance" measurement. This is the measurement from the rearmost surface of the engine, where it mates to the transmission, to the rearmost flat surface of the flywheel. This may or may not be the actual friction surface of the flywheel. The measurement should be accurate to three decimal places in inches. Take this measurement using a dial caliper.

It is recommended to mail this number and your payment by letter, as paperwork is often lost or damaged if packed with the transmission.


The transmission needs to be completely drained of oil. If possible, plug or seal the vent hole, as it will inevitably get turned over and will leak some remaining oil. Have the transmission steamcleaned, or thoroughly hand clean it with rags and solvent, including inside the bell housing. If we have to clean it before we can do the design work, there will be a $50 charge.

Gather Parts

In addition to the transmission itself, we need the flywheel, one flywheel bolt, and any locating dowels between the engine and transmission. When you separate the transmission from the engine, the dowels usually stay in the engine. It is often difficult or impossible to remove these dowels without damaging them. If you cannot remove them or they come out damaged, you should get new ones from the dealer, as you will need these to install the adaptor on the transmission.

It is often a good idea to pack and ship the flywheel, bolt, and dowels separate from the transmission. They are less likely to get lost, and it might make the difference for the transmission meeting the weight limits for UPS.

Choose a Shipper

The shipper you are using will affect how you need to pack the transmission. First choice is UPS or FedEx ground. Your completed package will need to fall within their weight and dimension limits, so check that out. Maximum weight is 150 lbs. and maximum size is 130" combined length and girth.

If your transmission is too large for UPS or FedEx Ground, it will need to go by motor freight. Not all freight companies will deliver to us, as we are off the beaten track. Roadway, Yellow Freight and Oak Harbor deliver here. For other truck lines, check with us first to confirm.


Gather the bolt and dowels into a baggie and pack them with the flywheel into a sturdy box. Use plenty of padding, such as tightly wadded newspaper, so the flywheel cannot move inside the box. If it can move even a little, it will beat the box to pieces before it arrives. Styrofoam peanuts do not make good packing.

Wooden crate damaged by UPS If you are shipping by UPS, the transmission must be fully enclosed in a heavy duty cardboard box. DO NOT ship in a wooden crate. Although this seems more solid, it is not. Many UPS depots will not accept wooden crates. UPS loads their trucks by conveyor belt, which means packages are frequently dropped from the end of the conveyor to the floor. See the photo to the right to see what happens to a wooden crate in the UPS system.

If there is a UPS Store near you, they will pack it for you, for a charge. To pack it yourself, go to a place that sells moving boxes and buy two double or triple walled corrugated cardboard boxes, one a few inches smaller than the other. Wrap the transmission in heavy plastic garbage bags and tape it snugly. Pack it into the smaller box. Put a layer of padding in first, then fill with padding around the transmission after it is in place.

If you are using newspaper, take a single sheet at a time and wad it very tightly. It will take a lot of newspaper to do the job, but the transmission must be so firmly wedged into the box that it cannot move. Then put a layer of padding in the bottom of the larger box, and pack the smaller box into it. Fill around the sides and top firmly with more padding. Use good quality packing tape liberally on the ends, and seal all loose flaps so they don't snag and tear.

Another option is something called a dish barrel. This is a heavy cardboard barrel with a metal or plastic locking lid. They are sold by moving companies, and are very sturdy. Again, pack padding firmly on all sides of the transmission.

If you are shipping by motor freight, you may be able to simply secure the transmission to a pallet. It is recommended to at least seal it snugly inside heavy duty plastic first to keep out moisture. It must be SECURELY attached to the pallet. Do not use nylon rope or other materials that will stretch, as they will quickly become loose. There are shipping depots that can strap it to the pallet for you.

Be sure to insure it and get a tracking number.

Returns accepted for warranty issues ONLY, for replacement. No cash refunds.
For ordering and warranty information, see the Order Info page.

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