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Circuit Breakers

Emergency Disconnects

The circuit breaker is one of four safety power disconnects: This redundancy in power disconnects is essential for safety, and each disconnect addresses a slightly different potential safety problem. The circuit breaker allows you to manually isolate the power train components from the battery pack in an emergency or while working on the car, even if the ignition switch fails. In addition, the circuit breaker will trip automatically in case of a malfunction creating a high current surge, and can be easily reset when the malfunction is corrected. All electric car race rules require such an emergency disconnect within easy reach of the driver.

DC vs. AC

This unit is designed for DC use, not AC. This is critical. AC and DC breakers have different characteristics, because it is more difficult to break direct current than it is to break alternating current. This breaker has also been designed to withstand the rigors of an automotive environment.

Delay Curve

A delay curve is important to avoid nuisance tripping of the breaker, as well as to protect your components. You want to be sure the breaker blows if you have a problem, but not for a false alarm. While this breaker is rated at 250 amps, it will accept higher current for short periods. Its delay curve ratings approximately match the duty cycle ratings for the Curtis controllers for reliable, nuisance-free performance.


Airpax Circuit Breaker

7.5"1.5"4.375"1 lb. 10 ozs.
5 Minute
160 VDC10,000 A
@ 160 VDC
250 A400 A

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