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Main Contactor

The main contactor is one of four safety power disconnects:
This redundancy in power disconnects is essential for safety, and each disconnect addresses a slightly different potential safety problem. The main contactor is an easy way to manually isolate the power train components from the battery pack in an emergency, during charging, or while working on the car. On DC vehicles, it breaks the circuit between the battery pack and the controller. On HiPer Drive AC vehicles, it breaks the circuit between the controller and the motor. On Azure Dynamics AC vehicles, it is internal in the controller. No secondary external contactor should be added to the Azure Dynamics system, as it will cause problems.
The Albright SW200 main contactor is used with DC systems. It is designed and manufactured for industrial vehicle use. Its high quality solenoids will not stick closed after a few uses, as cheaper units will. It also features a magnetic blowout to eliminate arcing. A diode protects other components from current spikes when the field is collapsed. Comes with mounting bracket and hardware. Albright main contactor
The Tyco LEV200 main contactor is used with AC HiPer Drive systems only. It is an industrial contactor, hermetically sealed for use in harsh environments. It can be mounted in any orientation. It is operated by voltage supplied by the Curtis 1238 controller. Tyco main contactor


Model# Height Width Depth Weight Operating
SW-200 6" 2.75" 2.25" 4 lbs. 12 V
LEV200 3.40" 2.5" 1.5" 1.3 lbs. 24 V

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