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DC Motors: NetGain

Motor Types

The brushed series DC motor is the most affordable and readily available current production motor for road-going conversions available today. Brushless DC motors require expensive controllers. Permanent magnet motors are very efficient, but only in a very narrow rpm band, and quickly lose their efficiency in the varying speeds of normal driving. Shunt and compound motors are more expensive to build and have poorer acceleration than series motors. For these reasons, the brushed series DC motor is the motor of choice for DC systems.


  • Factory adjustable timing for CCW or CW rotation
  • Commutator key locked on to shaft
  • Large com bars securely attached to arbor to prevent lifing
  • Brushes pre-seated at over 90%
  • Heavy duty brush holders
  • Easy brush replacement
  • Sealed steel high temp bearings
  • 1 1/8" keyed drive shaft
  • Insulation exceeds Class "H" ratings
  • Internal cooling fan
  • 5,500 RPM
NetGain ImPulse 9 motor

Motor Ratings

It is not accurate to refer to a "10 hp motor" or a "15 hp motor", because horsepower will vary with volts and amps, and peak horsepower will be much higher than the continuous rating. It is also confusing to compare electric motors to gas engines, since electric motors are given a continuous rating under load, and gas engines are rated at their peak horsepower unloaded. For accurate identification, a motor should be identified by name or model number.

The following chart gives dimensions for the NetGain motors we carry. We do not carry smaller motors, since they are not suitable for road-going conversions.


Motor Case
Incl. Shafts
ImPulse 913.700"17.840"9.25"129 lbs.
WarP 915.930"20.200"9.25"156 lbs.
WarP 1117.027"21.841"11.45"229 lbs.

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