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Small Electrical Components

Switching Relay      Terminal blocks, relay, and fuse blockSmall Gauge
Terminal Block
(With Cover)
Charger Interlock Relay,
Fuse Block
Charger Interlock Relay      
Terminal Blocks      
Fuse Blocks      
Fusible Links      

Switching Relay

A simple single-pole, single-throw relay for remote switching of components.


For dimensions, see table.

Charger Interlock Relay

A double-pole, double-throw relay to disable during charging, so that it can't be driven away still plugged in. When activated by AC input, this relay breaks the circuit between the ignition key and the potbox microswitch. Comes with 120VAC or 220VAC pull-down coil.


For dimensions, see table.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are often handy when you have multiple connections feeding to a common power source or ground. We offer two types.

Fuse Block

A fuse block serves the same purpose as a terminal block, with the added feature of fusing each connection.


For dimensions, see table.

Fusible Link

A fusible link should be inserted in the traction battery circuit in each pack in the vehicle. This will blow and break the circuit in case of a short.


  • Bolts to lugs or copper straps
  • Delay curve eliminates nuisance blows
  • Bakelite holder available
  • Clear plex cover/shield available
  • UL Approved

For dimensions, see table.

Fusible links, with holder and cover
Shown Installed In
Copper Strap


Switching Relay1"1" 1"
Charger Interlock Relay3"1.5" 1.375"
Small Gauge Terminal Block2.5" 1.25"1"
Large Gauge Terminal Block2.125" 1"1.5"
Fuse Block3.375"2.5" .75"
Fusible Link3.25"1.25" .5"
Fusible Link Holder3.375"1" .25"
Fusible Link Cover4"1.75" Diameter

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