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AC Kits: HiPer Drive

The HiPer Drive is a new breakthrough in AC drive systems. It has the benefits of an AC drive, such as regenerative braking to both slow the vehicle down and to recover some energy into the battey pack. However, it does not require the high voltages of other AC systems, so you spend less on batteries, need less room for batteries, and don't carry the weight penalty of extra batteries. Resulting performance is peppy.

These are universal kits. The universal kits contain the essential drive components that are common to any conversion. It is left to the installer to design and fabricate the pieces that will customize the kit to his or her chosen chassis, parts that are different from one vehicle to another. These installer-designed parts include battery racks and boxes, various component mounts, wiring looms, and suspension modifications. This type of kit will take about 200 hours to install. Most of this time is spent on design and fabrication.

The kits include the manual Convert It, which gives guidelines and assistance for designing and fabricating these pieces.

The one custom piece that IS included in these kits is the motor/transmission adaptor. We have a substantial library of adaptor patterns, and often an adaptor for one model of car will cross over to another model that you might not expect. Check the list on our adaptor page.

If we do not have a pattern for your transmission, we can make one easily. We will need from you:

This can usually be shipped to us by UPS. If you are buying a complete conversion kit from us, we will pay for the shipping in both directions, up to $150 total. This is how we expand our library of patterns.

AC HiPer Drive Light Vehicle Kit

These AC conversion systems are suitable for economical conversions of small cars in the range of 1,800 - 2,500 lbs. original factory curb weight (not gross vehicle weight). The weight that will be removed with the engine is already factored into this number. This includes subcompacts and compacts, and sports cars. They work with low range battery pack voltages (96-108 volts), and require a manual transmission. They can achieve top speeds of 75 mph depending on chassis and pack voltage. Mileage per charge will vary from 30-50 miles depending on vehicle weight and battery pack. Range will also be affected by terrain, climate, traffic flow, and driving style.

This kit does not include the Vacuum Power Brake System because not all small cars require it. This system can - and SHOULD - be added to the kit if the donor vehicle has power brakes.

Most of these components are also available separately.

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Be sure to order Cabling Kits for your high current wiring.

HiPer Drive motor, controller, wiring harness, and digital display

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