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Vacuum Power Brake System

Power brake vacuum booster system On most small cars, the brakes are designed with a large safety margin, and will easily handle the extra weight added by the conversion. However, disc brakes need a power assist, even in conventional cars. The power assist relies on vacuum from the engine manifold. This vacuum source is lost in the conversion, and needs to be replaced. This can be accomplished with a vacuum pump, reservoir, and switch connected to the car's original power brake unit. The pump can be ordered alone, or as a system including reservoir, switch, and brass fittings.


Vacuum Pump6"4"8"4.25 lbs.
Vacuum Reservoir5" Diameter10" 1 lb. 13 ozs.
Horsepower Vacuum
12 V20 A.517"-27" hg2900

Returns accepted for warranty issues ONLY, for replacement. No cash refunds.
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