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Datsun pickup truck electric car conversion

Body:Datsun B2000 Pickup
Motor:Advanced D.C. Large (9")
Controller:Curtis/PMC 1221
Batteries:US Battery Model #US-125
Pack Voltage:120V
Top Speed:65 mph
Range:30 miles
Home Base:Los Angeles, CA
Comments:This truck has had a colorful past. It was first converted as a gas/electric hybrid by Electro Automotive for a customer. The customer drove it happily (mostly in pure electric mode) for several years. When he no longer had need of it, it came back to Electro Automotive. It was then sold to a woman who stripped it down to the chassis, removed the hybrid system, and built it up again as a pure electric, with more modern components, as noted here. She drove it happily for several years, until she no longer needed it, as she used her bicycle for most of her needs. It was then sold to a landscaper specializing in ecological plantings and methods. He used it happily for several years. It was last seen on a flatbed tow truck, heading for a new owner in the L.A. area
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