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Convert It

(By Michael Brown with Shari Prange, 128 pgs., 8 1/2" x 11", soft-cover, 1993)
Convert It book This third edition of the definitive hands-on conversion manual has been greatly updated and expanded, and printed with higher quality production and binding. It takes you by the hand through the entire process of converting an internal combustion car to electricity, from choosing a donor car through removing the internal combustion system, installing the electric system, and all the way to driving, charging, and maintenance, as well as non-technical issues such as registration and insurance. (After conversion, your vehicle will increase in value, so you may want to alter your auto insurance coverage and/or auto insurance deductible.)

Mike Brown, of Electro Automotive, gives you the benefit of his experience: 28 years as a professional auto mechanic and 32 years in the electric vehicle conversion business. This expertise is delivered as if Mike were chatting with you in his garage. You don't need to be an engineer or a professional mechanic to understand the information and build a conversion that will serve you well. The book includes 58 photos and 12 charts and drawings. This is the instruction manual included with the Universal Kits. If you buy it in advance, you will be credited for it when you buy the kit. (See the companion Convert It video also.)


VoltsRabbit™ Installation

(From Electro Automotive, 57 pgs., 8 1/2" x 14", soft-cover, 1993)

VoltsPorsche™ Installation

(From Electro Automotive 104 pgs., 8 1/2" x 14", soft-cover, 1996)

These are the installation instruction books for our custom VoltsRabbit™ Kit and VoltsPorsche™ Kit. Both books are available separate from their kits. Buy the instructions in advance to get in idea what the kit installation involves. When you buy the kit, you will be credited for the instructions you have already purchased. Both books include dozens of photos, drawings, templates, and color wiring diagrams.

VoltsRabbit™ Instructions: $25.00

VoltsPorsche™ Instructions: $25.00

The Convert It book is an essential companion for either instruction book. If you don't have it already, check out the two-book package deals to buy Convert It and either instruction book together.

VoltsRabbit & VoltsPorsche Installation Instruction Books

Package Deals

Two-Book Package Deals

This is the set of books included as installation instructions with the VoltsRabbit™ Kit. Explicit instructions, photos, drawings, color wiring diagrams.


This is the set of books included as installation instructions with the VoltsPorsche™ Kit. Explicit instructions, photos, drawings, color wiring diagrams.


Book & Video Set

The detailed information of the book teamed with the graphic illustration of the video.


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