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Frequently Asked Questions:

Bureaucracies: Insurance, Tax Incentives, Etc.

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How do I get insurance for my electric conversion?

Any major insurance company will offer liability coverage. If your agent says he can't do it, he either doesn't know how or doesn't want to. Find another agent. Comp & collision is harder, because there are no blue book values. You may need to get the car appraised by an appraiser who specializes in things like hot rods or restorations. Often, the insurance company will accept your receipts for the cost of conversion, or a letter from your conversion kit provider, to establish a value. There are also various web sites that offer used conversions for sale, which can help establish a comparable value for the car for insurance purposes.

For more detailed information about batteries, see the Tech Paper on Insuring An EV Conversion.

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Insurance quotes

Are there special requirements for registering my electric conversion?

This will vary from state to state. It's best to check with local EV owners who have been through the process first. You may need to get your title modified to reflect "E" (for electric) under "Fuel Type" to exempt you from smog inspections.

What kind of incentives are available for conversions?

Most incentives, unfortunately, are limited to buying or leasing factory new electric vehicles. Some, however, do apply to conversions. These can include tax deductions or credits, grants or rebates, reduced registration costs, free parking, or access to carpool lanes, to name the most common. Incentives vary from one area to another. Some are federal, some state, some regional or municipal. Some are offered by utilities. Check with any kind of air quality department for your city or region, as well as your motor vehicle department, and your local utility.

Here are a few links with incentive information. If you know of other links, contact us and we will add them here.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Clean Cities, (a project of the DOE)
Colorado Income Tax Credits
Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
LA Water & Power
New York Power Authority
Oregon Office of Energy
Riverside Public Utilities
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

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