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Project Feasibility Review

This is a free service to help you evaluate your planned project before purchasing components and beginning construction. Fill in the form below and send it to us. If you are undecided about an item, such as chassis type, fill in the box with "UND". We will review your planned project and respond with comments and suggestions.

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Vehicle Mission

These are the requirements you place on your completed vehicle.

Top Speed:
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Cargo Space: Small (Briefcase) Medium (Groceries) Large (Bulky Load)
Driving Conditions: In-Town Freeway Hills Night Bad Weather

Charging Facilities

Garage Carport Outdoor At Destination

Planned Conversion

Chassis: Preferred Type or Model Already Own: Yes No
Motor: Already Own: Yes No
Controller: Already Own: Yes No
Battery Type:
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Special Concerns:

Returns accepted for warranty issues ONLY, for replacement. No cash refunds.
For ordering and warranty information, see the Order Info page.

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