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Why Should You Buy From Electro Automotive?

No one can match Electro Automotive's experience with conversions. We're not some Johnny-come-lately startup. In the business for 30 years, we are the oldest electric conversion parts supplier. We've seen a lot of others come - and go. We've built conversions, driven them, raced them, and put more than 2,000 conversions on the road through our customers. In fact, we wrote the book on conversions - literally. Our book "Convert It" has been the "bible" of electric car conversions for many years, and still is today. Brands and models of components and batteries may change, but the principles of a good conversion are fundamental.
Automotive Knowledge
Electric cars are electric, but they are also CARS. Electronic components and wiring techniques that work just fine on things like computers will not hold up to the rigors of life on the road: heat, cold, vibration, dust, road shocks, etc. And there are many aspects of automotive engineering that are critical to a successful conversion. Mike Brown, founder of Electro Automotive, spent 28 years working on automobiles for a living, in dealerships and later in his own shop, and on race cars. He understands how CARS work like no one else in the EV business.
No one else can match the documentation provided by Electro Automotive. All components come with installation instructions and diagrams if needed. Kits include the "Convert It" book, custom instruction books for the custom kits, instuction sheets for individual components, color wiring diagrams, and Tech Papers to guide you through designing and fabricating battery racks and boxes, motor mounts, even driving techniques and issues like insurance.
Comprehensive Kits
No one has kits as complete as Electro Automotive's. Our custom kits include EVERYTHING you need except the donor car and the batteries. There is NO design, welding, machining, or fabrication necessary. In addition to main drive system components, mounting racks, boxes, and brackets, and accessories like instrumentation and power brake systems, these kits also include custom heavy duty suspension parts, special tools, all wiring, nuts and bolts, and even low friction synthetic transmission fluid. Even our universal kits are more complete than anything offered by any other supplier. Check out the parts lists. No one else even comes close to this complete.
Quality Components
We don't carry the largest selection of components for a reason: we only carry the ones we feel are the best. If they don't meet our standards, we don't put our name on them. Our motor/transmission adaptors are designed in house and custom machined to match your transmission. They are completely finished - you do not have to do ANY cutting or machine work on them. They use a taperlock hub, the strongest type of high torque, high rmp connection. No set screws that invariably fail. In fact, our adaptors are so good that some of our competitors buy them from us.
Product Support
We have customers with vehicles that have been on the road 10 or 15 years or more. We can still supply them with advice and parts if they should have any problems. We continue to offer technical support for the life of the vehicle, even if it changes hands to new owners.

Returns accepted for warranty issues ONLY, for replacement. No cash refunds.
For ordering and warranty information, see the Order Info page.

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